Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10th 2014 - GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS GREAT. GOD IS KIND.

So we met this amazing man named Julio. We were running to an appointment and we passed this man and we just said hello. He looked super happy to see us. We kept walking and I was like no go back. No that’s weird. He is going to be like why are this gringa returning? But I just did it anyway. He is the sweetest and most humble person I have met in my life. He said he has always passed the church here and always wanted to enter but never did it. His wife died 9 years ago and we were able to share about the Plan of Salvation and how he can see her again. We planned an appt. and that was it. Well the next day we were running late to our appt. and couldn’t find his house. He came out looking for us. He was so excited but we didn’t have another woman with us. We ran and searched for someone to go visit with us and he just patiently waited. He just kept saying how he wants to continue learning about the Mormon Church and without even asking him, he said oh I will be there on Sunday. My comp and I thought we were going to die from smiling so much.

Saturday- greatest day of my mission in a matter of 4 hours.
Where to begin!!! So we started teaching this young couple and we left them a Book of Mormon to start reading. We had kept asking them if they were reading but it didn’t really seem like they were interested. We were able to talk to the husband and what he said will always stay with me. Hermanas I have felt so much peace and happiness ever since I started reading that book. My wife is changing. I am changing. I have never felt so much peace. I haven’t talked to my mom or my brothers in over a year but last night I called them. I have just never felt this way before. I was like WHAT. I was so stinking happy. It just helped reaffirm my testimony that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is a book of changes for the better. Changes to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Then right after that we had another lesson with Julio. he read and understood everything. He read the whole introduction of the Book of Mormon, the testimonies, everything. He was like feel so happy. I could not stop smiling. It was incredible. He was testifying about how Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Incredible.
Then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baptism of Hna. Yoselin!!! I have never felt that way before in my entire life. Picture attached. She is incredible and even though I didn’t teach them, just knowing I could be a part of helping her comes unto Christ. I have no doubt that she will help so many others come unto Him as well. Her siblings were baptized too :) It was incredible. We had 4 investigators there too!!!! ( Julio, Alexa and Jacqueline). Afterwards I asked Jacqueline how she felt. When they got in the water she said she just felt something burning in her chest. ( Un fuegito). Wow. Words cannot describe how I felt.
Then on Sunday this family we taught that didn’t seem really interested came to Church alone!!!!!!!!!!!! It was incredible. We were able to talk to them afterwards and they are reading together every night form the Book of Mormon. we really cannot say who is and isn’t ready for the Gospel!!! That’s why we have to share it with everyone!!!!!

We had an activity with Book of Mormons this week in the stake. we took pictures of families and pasted them in Book of Mormons to put their testimony and share with a friend. we watched some videos about the Book of Mormon and sang I know that My Redeemer Lives. I know He lives. I know this Church is His and I know the Book of Mormon is true. I felt so overwhelmed with this emotion there. It is true. what I am teaching is true. The only truth. Share it with those you love. It will change your life and their eternity.

I love you all so much!!!!! Thanks for the support!!!!!!!!!!
Hna. Webster

Deer Park shirt in Guate ? ??

February 3rd - Always have a smile on your face because you never know whose day you are going to change.

So....random news of the week............ a bird pooped on me. I was talking to a member during an activity from the other ward and I felt something super warm on my hand........... bird poop!!!!!!!!! It was disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But everyone told me that means it is good luck.... according to who I don´t know.
I had exchanges with Hna. Parker!! I can’t send pics right now for some reason but I will later!!

Oh and I made smores for a family. They thought it was the weirdest thing in the world!!!!!! They just kept laughing at the melted marshmallows. hahah

Well the other ward had a movie in the park!! We were able to bring Hna. Alexa, Jacqueline, Walter and Chuy!! They are all so stinking adorable. I love them so much. We watched the Testaments and during the part when it shows Jesus being baptized, Alexa leaned over and said to me Que Bonito. Basically how beautiful!! I was so stinking happy. and we had a family come too!! They came late ( 2 hours late) but we going over to their house to watch it with them later this week!! :D It was incredible to hear the responses of the people who started watching the movie in the park. The Spirit was so strong even though we were surrounded by so much noise. We handed out like 100 Book of Mormons, Liahonas, Family Proclamations. It was a huge success and helped so many people to feel the love of the Savior :)

Hno. Mario!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him he is a twin of Dad so therefore he is my Guatemalan Dad and that means I am not giving up on him. We call him all the time to remind him to read and pray at like 1030 at night because he said that is right before he goes to bed. We had a super awesome lesson with him and I was able to share the importance of the Book of Mormon and how WE HAVE TO pray about it or else we never can know the truth. He came to church alone too!!!! 40 minutes late but he came. Slowly his heart is changing :) it makes me so happy!

We’ll all is well here in Guate!! I love the Gospel. I know it is true. It is how we can truly have peace in this life and in the life to come. Always have a smile on your face because you never know whose day you are going to change.
I love you allllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hna. Webster

January 27th Share the Gospel with those you love and those you are learning to love

AquƬ estoy super feliz. me encanta ser misionera :)
Well this week was wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
We found the most incredible girl in the world. Her name is Yoselin and she is so ready for the Gospel in her life. We were just going door to door and from the beginning I could tell something was different about her. She gave us her undivided attention. Her dad died about 5 years ago so we shared the Plan of Salvation with her. We decided to put an appt. for the very next day with a member in their house. WOW. We taught her about the Restoration and how the Christ´s Church needs to be the same today as it was in the past with apostles and prophets and the proper authority. At the end, she prayed and it was so beautiful. She started crying and so did her sister and me and my companion. She was talking about she has always gone to so many churches but has never felt this happy. She never knew that she could live with her father once again after this life. I cannot put into words how beautiful this prayer was. Now the bad news... she lives in another area so we taught her with the elders from that area and wow. She read so much of the Book of Mormon already. She said she didn’t understand in the beginning but decided to say a prayer like we told her and she understood after that. She kept saying she has never felt this way before. We got to show her the Sacrament room and i just paused and said how do you feel? Contenta. With a smile on her face. She came to Church on Sunday and is getting baptized on the 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. With her family. I love her so stinking much.
Then we found 2 other jovencitas bien chulas. They came to my English class too. They are so adorable. They are Catholics and have so many questions. We were able to testify to them that Christ truly did come to the Americas after His resurrection. It was incredible. We were able to talk about before His coming, a lot of storms and darkness covered the Earth but He came and brought a new light. It is just like that in our own lives too. We are in the darkness but Christ brings light and a reason to rejoice in our lives. He can heal us and will heal us if we trust in Him and follow His example.
We did a service project and cut corn crops..... So hot and so many itchy plants but it was so much fun!!!!! I am teaching English too and I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
Hno. Mario... the husband of the Relief Society president came to church again. He reminds me a lot of daddy. He loves to tease and gets distracted really easily so I am teaching him in English because he has to pay attention :) He has listened to so many missionaries but I know his heart is starting to be softened!!!!
oH and we are teaching a super amazing family. They have so many questions and I love helping them understand the Book of Mormon better. We just gotta help them get to church this Sunday!!!! :)
I love being a missionary. It is the best!!!!!!!! I am learning so much. Some days are so hard and I just feel so discouraged but then I remembered that he never gave up. I am representing Him and I cannot give up either. Share the Gospel with those you love and those you are learning to love. It will change your life and their eternity.
I love you!!!
Hna. webster

My English Class

BYU vs Utah...even in the field