Sunday, June 23, 2013

Estoy aqui al CCM! :) I still am in shock when I lock down and see my tag on my shirt. I tell my companions about 5 times a day, "WE ARE MISSIONARIES!". I am like a little girl. yes you saw right, companions. I am in a trio! Hermana Moore y Hermana Pister (rhymes with Easter). I already knew these Hermanas thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook so when we saw each other it was a joyous reunion. There are 1,254 sisters at the MTC as of last Sunday and they think that number has gone up since then! It is so amazing to be here and to be a part of this wonderful work!
 So on the plane ride down I had a neat experience. I brought a Book of Mormon with me and I wrote my testimony in it. I was determined to give it to someone. A girl headed to Puerto Rico sat down next to me on the plane and we talked occasionally. Then I felt prompted to ask if she had ever heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It took me about 40 minutes to build up my courage to do it but what really made me do it was something Pres. Larson told me before I was set apart. "Leave no stone left unturned". or something like that. I did not want to look back and said I wish I had. So we talked about the Church briefly and then at the end of the flight, I bore my testimony of The Book of Mormon and gave it to her. Her exact words, "Thank you so much. You just made my day!" Here I was freaking out that she would think I was weird or something and she appreciated it :)
 So I was able to stay with Aunt Shirene before I came in to the MTC and it was so wonderful! I helped her at work with gathering the women for Relief Society and I got to help a Chilean abuelita named Maria! She was so adorable and even though  she had physical limitations, I could tell the joy the Gospel has brought into her life. It is amazing to see the impact the Gospel can have in our own lives when we truly apply its principles daily. Anyways, in Relief Society this little girl came and played a musical number for us. What song did she play? "We Are As The Army of Helaman". It was so powerful and it hit me that I would be entering the MTC to be a missionary! It was amazing. Then on the way to the MTC, I was able to talk to my Aunt Shirene about her mission and it was just another confirmation that I am doing the right thing. I know this experience will forever change my perspective and bring me so much joy.
The MTC is really great! I love it here. It is so fun to be surrounded by those who have been called to serve by our loving Heavenly Father! My district is my companionship and I think 9 elders. I am not sure. They all just graduated from high school 2 weeks ago! They are so mature though. I cannot believe it. Spanish is going great! I love it. It is almost starting to seem natural.... at least with the basic stuff. I still have a lot to learn. Our teachers are great though. One of them is Michael Phelps' twin! I am not even kidding. He is just a little bit shorter though. We have our first lesson tonight. Her name is Analis and she is from Chile! I am so excited but nervous!!! I am sure Vanessa knows exactly how I feel. I am not homesick yet! They keep us so busy here! My scentsy teddy bear helps a lot too! :) Thanks mommy!

Something I cannot stop thinking about is how missionary work is not just about baptizing people or solving their problems. It is about bringing them closer to the Savior. It is about being a representative of Jesus Christ since he physically cannot be there. The people we teach need to feel His love through us or they won't be able to progress. We had a teaching module and one of the investigators said to us, "if you had 30 seconds to say something to me, what would the Savior have you say?" That really struck me. Sometimes we only have 30 seconds to let someone feel the Savior's love for them. It may be through a different message or in different situations but everyone needs to feel that love! That is my purpose as a missionary! To bring others to Christ!
Which reminds me, i memorized the missionary purpose in English and Spanish while running! It was motivating :) I love Spanish soooooooooooooooooooooo much. It makes me so happy. I get to go to the temple today too! And it makes me soooo happy as well. It is a happy place here. I am trying to figure out how to upload pictures right now and it is so difficult!!!
 I miss you all and love you dearly!
Don't forget to pray daily!

Hermana Webster

Sis Webster and Elder Young with their companions at Provo MTC

Sis Webster , Sis Pister and Sis Moore doing Yoga

Hermana Kira Webster and her District.