Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dec. 31st Happy New Year's from Guatemala


Where did the time go!!
Oh and happy birthday to the best big sister in the world!!! I love you Vanessa aka …..Vernie.

This week was so interesting.
So Christmas here is celebrated on Christmas Eve. So the missionaries had a gift exchange in my zone and the elders killed a pig for us to eat. Yes… they killed it and I am not gonna lie it was delicious !

THEN I GOT TO SKYPE MY FANTASTIC FAMILY. Yes I cried and yes it was amazing. I love my family sooooooooooooooooo stinking much. That is really what the Gospel is all about. Family!!!!!!!  Families that can be eternal but only through the wonderful plan our Heavenly Father has made for each and every one of us.

So we saw miracles this week. We are working with the husband of the Relief Society President. He has been taught by so many missionaries. TONS. We fasted with her and her kids that his heart would be softened. He came to the Noche de Hermanamiento and..... TO CHURCH. It was incredible. Truly a miracle and I know it is because we fasted and prayed together for this miracle!!!!!

We had a Christmas devotional..... so much fun!!! I was in a Mexican dance. For those of you who don’t know.... I can’t dance at all and I did it.... with my best effort. The office did a Backstreet Boys remix to Sons of Provo and I thought I was going to die laughing.  It was seriously so nice to be with 3 other zones and enjoy the Holidays!!!!

I am so grateful to be a missionary. It is hard work but it is worth it ! Like they say here vale la pena. I am truly becoming more like my Savior and I get to help others do the same!!!

Sis. Kira Webster

"Oh, Snap 

Bus Ride with the Sisters

Yes.... Kira is dancing....

The Sky is the limit....

3 Zones Christmas Party

Sunday, December 29, 2013


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna wish you all a very merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart! :)
Ya es Navidad. Me encanta la Navidad aquì en Guatemala :)
This week was an interesting one. My comp had lots of meetings so the work kind of got thrown off but we met some awesome people.

So Hna. Valesca, the lady who went to Church with us, told us she knows the Church is true. When we left, she said she slept so peacefully and that she will come to church every Sunday when she can. It was incredible.

Melvin. He is probably one of the smartest people ever and he actually reads from the Book of Mormon and finds similar scriptures in the Bible. He comes to every lesson with a huge list of scriptures for us to look up. He came to church too and invited 2 people to our bonfire activity and they came!!! Talk about a missionary right there.

Juancito. The cutest little boy ever. He doesn’t really have his parents at home during the day to play with him or spend time with him. He just needs love and he has found it at church. After Church on Sunday he was like so next Sunday i can come again right?? So adorable. Then he came to the choir presentation too. He was like can you visit me during the week too?? If only everyone had the faith of little children.

So we had a bonfire.... in 85 degree weather. I was dying. It was so hot but the Spirit was definitely there. We had an awesome lesson about the Savior and His Atonement. It was then I realized the true meaning of Christmas was what I am living. Focusing on the Savior. He has done everything for us. He is the peace and light in our lives.

Like the Song says
Silent Night, Holy Night,
All is calm, all is bright,

Remember He is the reason we celebrate. He is the reason for peace and joy.
Merry Christmas!!!!
I love you all and I love the Lord.

Hna.  Kira Webster

Dec 16th "The circus came to town....and we are teaching them!"

The circus came to town....and we are teaching them!!! I taught a lesson in a circus tent this week. It was legit!!!! They are so wonderful and the Spirit was definitely in our meeting. What are prophets??? was their question and we had a really great discussion about how there is a prophet who leads and guides us today because our Father in Heaven loves us like He did in the ancient times. We see them everywhere and they are reading the Book of Mormon.

Melany got baptized!! She is the sweetest thing ever. After her baptism, Hna. Betancourth said to me, that's a future missionary right there. :) I am so grateful that I was able to teach her. She is only 10 but she has such a great desire to serve the Lord and do His will. She always lights us when she sees us and always has a smile on her face. I love her!! She is like my little sister.
So we invited a less active to the noche de hermanamiento. Something incredible happened. So usually the bishop chooses 2 people to share their testimonies but he asked if he could share his testimony with everyone. It was so touching and helped me realize that so many people just need an invitation to feel the love of the Savior once again:)

So we are teaching a sister who came to the Christmas devotional and we went with Joven. He shared his testimony and it was the most beautiful thing ever. His dad isnt a member and he was saying how every Sunday he looks out and sees all these families together and how he just wants his dad to be baptized. We were all crying and she came to church on Sunday!! :) I know she truly felt the Saviors love as we testified the Gospel truths to her. This Gospel is for everyone and can bring peace and love into every home this holiday season :)
Random news... I made no bake cookies. i am teaching English and I love my comp!!! Oh and I have a solo in the Stake Choir Recital... hahah.

So I completed 6 months in my mission. Where did the time go!!! I cannot believe it. I only have a year to help as many Guatemaltecos to come unto Christ! So much to do in so little time. I really love my mission. It is hard but so worth it. I cry, I smile, I laugh, I learn and I love the people with all that I can. Merry Christmas!!! Serve a stranger today!!

Love you all!!
Hna. Kira Webster

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec. 9th 2013

Hola!!!!I cannot believe it has already been a week. Oh how the time flies.
So I am loving the mission. Sure there are trials and nothing is picture perfect but I truly feel like I am learning how I can be a better person. I am learning patience, humility, love and how to become more like the Savior.

The Lord is truly blessing my companion and I with so many miracles. One Hermana who doesn’t really come to church anymore because she works on Sunday popped into my head. I was like hey lets go visit her. Her last Sunday working was last week and she came to church with her son, who isn’t baptized yet! It was truly a miracle. I have invited her to church so many times and she finally came!!!! :) Then we found another little girl who is visiting her family for vacation and she was straight up like I want to be baptized. She came to church on Sunday and was so excited to see us. It made my day. I love her so much!!!!

One Hermano after a lesson just stopped and said Hermanas gracias por este momento. So simple but it made my day!!

On Wednesday, we went Christmas caroling and invited less active members to the Christmas Devotional (online at lds.org, watch it!).Such a spiritual experience. One family was hiding form us. I saw the boy crawling on the ground away from me so I just said lets start singing. We started to sing and they came to the door and let us in. we had a really great conversation with them about coming back to church. They didn’t come on Sunday but Iwe are going to visit them again!!

I had two companion exchanges this week. One with Hna. Moreno and the other with HNA, ISON!!!!! It was amazing, we sang in Christmas songs in a bus and invited everyone to come to the devotional and one lady actually came!! So awesome. I learned so much form them and we had some awesome experiences. It is amazing how the Lord leads us to the people who need us most in the moment.

If I know anything it is that the Lord loves us. He is conscious of our needs and He is always willing to help us. We just need to turn to Him when we need Him. This is His Church and i am so grateful to bring it to the people here in Guatemala. I love you all tons!!
Send me pictures of snow please and Christmas trees. Thank you!! xooxox

Hna.  Kira Webster

Feliz Navidad from Hermana Kira Webster

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Dec. 2, 2013 " For this Christmas season, think of what you can give to the Savior"

So how was my Thanksgiving many are asking?? AMAZING. It wasn’t because I ate a turkey or because I got to go Black Friday shopping. HNO. DARVIN WAS BAPTIZED. TRULY A MIRACLE. So on Thanksgiving morning my new comp and I ran to Darvins house to verify his baptism at 6:45 am (He is impossible to find so we decided to wake him up!). He said yes and that he only needed to go to a job interview. So 5 pm it is. Everything here starts an hour late so we thought okay at 6. We called him and he was still in Mazate (like 40 min from here). What!! Then 7 pm came around and all of the members were getting a little anxious. At 730 they decided we should just eat the cake we bought for his baptism because everyone thought he wasn’t going to come. My comp and I wanted to wait until 8 but we just ate the cake and enjoyed. Almost everyone left and then at 755... HNO. DARVIN CAME. I was freaking out. It truly was a miracle. I had been praying and praying repeatedly that he would just come. He told us that he was nervous and wasn’t sure. Then one of the most beautiful moments on my mission happened. The members that were there just gathered around him and bore their testimonies about the day of their baptism. Absolutely beautiful. Then we sang his favorite Hymn, Lead Kinldly Light. When we ended, he asked us to sing How Great Thou Art because it was his grandpa’s favorite. I looked up in the middle and Hno. Darvin was crying. Then I started crying. When he entered the water. I could not stop smiling. It was such a beautiful moment. I am so grateful to be a missionary. To serve the people here in San Felipe and become closer to my Savior. This work is all about Him and I am so glad to be a part of it.

My new comp..... HNA. BETANCOURTH. She is seriously perfect. I love her so much. She is from Honduras and she is an amazing missionary. Literally incredible. I am learning so much from her and I feel like I am in training again. I am so excited to work with her for 6 weeks. We have seen so many miracles and I know this is just the start.

We visited Hna. Toribia when Hna. Pineda left and it was so beautiful. She just said, when I was sick and    alone, you didn’t abandon me. The Lord really sends us to who knows needs us. I know that is true and I am so grateful to serve the Lord for these 18 months. I love you all and miss you so much!!

For this Christmas season, think of what you can give to the Savior. Become better. Help others to come unto Him and a be a light unto those in the dark. They need us and we need them in order to become better and more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you tons!!!

Hna.  Kira Webster

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nov 24th,2013 Happy Thanksgiving

Hola from Guate!!!
Another week in paradise and of burning in the sun. But seriously my face is so red.
Well the week started out rough. The first member I met here passed away. His son is serving a mission right now and it got me thinking to how I would respond? As a missionary I teach to people every day, that death is not the end and it isn’t. The Lord has plan for every single one of us. We have the opportunity to return to live with Him one day and with our families in never ending happiness. It all depends on what we do with our time here on Earth. So make sure you are doing what is worthwhile.
Hno. Cezar is so legit. I was telling him that the Book of Mormon is so powerful that we don’t have to read it all. Just by holding it in our hand we can feel its power. (Remember he is blind). So during the lessons, he opens the book and just touches the pages. I was so touched by this simple act. It helped me remember what it means to have a true desire to know and the faith to know as well.
We have a new investigator..... VANESSA. I love teaching her because I get to say my sisters name all the time and because she is just awesome. She told us that she never has really felt that God has helped her in her life. I told her that by reading the Book of Mormon she could find the help she needs and feel the love God has for her. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she is coming to church. She is so adorable. She reads with her boyfriend too, who is a less active member. I love her so much and I am so happy that she is starting to recognize that she is not alone.
The brother of Hno. Juan Carlos Joj is so legit. Elgar. He is trying to change his schedule just to go to church! Nobody does that here. Seriously nobody. He is so awesome and so willing to learn more about the truth.
Pres. Amado of the 70 came to visit our mission. He said something I really loved. We don’t have to know everything but we need to know that it is all true. It is okay to say I don’t know but I do know that it is true. That really struck me but it is so true. We don’t have to understand everything the Book of Mormon says but we can know it is all true through prayer.
Hna. Kira Webster
Awww, Turkeys....

Not too friendly at this time of year !!

Sister Pister and Kira, MTC Companions

Lil bit sunburned