Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17th, 2014 Romans 12:21 “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Let us be the Good inthis wolrd.

Chikungunya!!! (Photo below)
  So…. Last week I said I was fine… but I lied. I was in the house for 4 days. If ya’ll wanna  know  the stages of it goes.

1. You get red spots all over your body.

2. You cant sleep.

3. High fever.

4. Still cant sleep.

5. Your feet and arms and legs and whole body hurts.

6. You cant walk.

7. You think you are fine and then this weird rash comes out on your arms, feet and knees.

8. Your feet swell.

9. You cant walk again.

10. You sleep a lot.

That was my week. Not even kidding!

 Oh and I got a new comp for 3 weeks, Hna. Ruano!! She is a mini missionary and she just got baptized 6 months ago. Hna. Valenzuela taught her actually!! She is so pilas!!

I have just had a lot of time to think this week, being sick and all. The end of my mission is coming close. I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by. My mission has taught me a lot of things. It has molded me into a better person. I still have a lot of flaws but I have learned to become  a little more like Christ.

I found a gem in Romans 12:21

“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Let us be the Good in this world.

Love you all!!

Hermana  Kira Webster

Cutie Pies

More Cutie Pies

Zone Leaders Elder Jorgensen and Elder Contreras

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nov 10th, 2014 It is never too late to make the necessary changes in our lives

Chikungunya. Yep folks. I got it. Just look it up. I don’t have it severely but my body just hurts and I can’t sleep. So just pray for me please. I am fine Mom. No worries.

 So this man in the terminal told me he would shower if I married him.... umm thanks. Probably the weirdest pick up line I have heard her.

So  Hermano Jorge got baptized!!!!!!!! He reminds me so much of Grandpa Fausett!!!! He is so faithful and we have basically done nothing. He loves the Church and invited his entire family to his baptism and his neighbor and they all came. We had only investigators at the baptism. It was incredible. I feel so blessed to be able to know him and teach him. Every prayer he says how he will always go to this church and how grateful he is for me and my comp. It feels so good to know that we have been able to be instruments in the hands of the Lord to help one of my brothers to come unto Him!!! 

So Joseelyn has gone out with us every day and we were able to help her start her family history!! She is sooo excited about it. I think we all think it is for older folks but that is a lie!!!!!!! There is nothing like looking into the past of our relatives. It helps us understand who we are and strengthens our testimonies of the truth!!! I invite you all to start an account on It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the church or not!! Everyone can do it... and it is free is the best part!!!!

So I have read John 6 like 6 times this week. Christ is the bread of life. He is what keeps us going. We fasted this week and when we partook of the sacrament, my comp told me it feels so good to eat this bread and then i started thinking. This is not just any type of bread. This is the bread of life. This is eternal life. I think sometimes we forget how much He gives us!! And if we follow Him how much more we will receive.

I got to do divisions with Hna. Goddard from my group. It was incredible. I learned a lot from her. She is always beaming!! This Gospel is happiness. Shouldn’t we always have a smile!!!!!!! :)

I am loving my time here with Hna. Alvarenga!! We are teaching 2 girls and they have so much faith and so much desire to know the truth !! I love seeing the faith of these youth.  It is never too late to make the necessary changes in our lives. Do it now!!!!

Love you

Hermana Kira Webster
Feliz Navidad


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nov 3rd, 2014 For those of you who don’t know or who have lost the sight of the truth, I invite you to just pray. If you don’t want to, pray until you want to.


This week I was able to dance to Thriller in front of my ward for Halloween... haha. it wasnt legit just for like 15 seconds in a sketch we did. It was pretty hilarious. 

I was sick this week and my comp too but we still worked, even though I felt like my throat was falling out. Dilligence really does pay off. We didnt even leave yesterday. Only for one appointment but we found a family!! They are so excited to read the Book of Mormon. I just felt so strongly this is all true, even though it is all new to them, they felt this peace and love as we spoke of how God has restored the truth on the Earth today. I feel so blessed to share this message with the people of Guatemala. Even though so many people want to have physical evidence or a manifestation, I know these things are true through the simple things. Like small changes in people with addictions. When someone prays as a family for the first time. These are the real changes that the Gospel causes in us.

I think I have come to understand how much my mission means to me this week. It has been on my mind that one day I have to leave. All these people I love. This country that I love. The name tag I wear everyday. I love it all. I love being a missionary. Even though I just wanna scream and cry sometimes, I feel like I have a purpose and that what I do really does matter. This work is true. I cannot deny it. For those of you who don’t know or who have lost the sight of the truth, I invite you to just pray. If you don’t want to, pray until you want to. You will be glad you did.

Love you!
Hermana Kira Webster

 WARNING....  disgusting food in the pic below tastes worse than it looks. Look up fimabre and yall will understand when you read the ingredients. Hahha. pero en serio.
Yummy..... FIMABRE

Adios Hermana Pister

Love my MTC Comp.. Hermana Pister with Hermana Webster

Cuties !!!

Love My District :)


October 27th 2014 The most important thing we do on Sunday is partake of the sacrament

This week has been full of running up and down streets and getting people to church and baptisms. Hahah. No that only happened twice but it was hilarious.

 So everything here starts an hour late so we invited this family to a baptism at 6 but we got there at like 615 to take them but then I call the elders and they are like um Hermana the baptism is starting now....  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  We are rushing this family out and then the little girl is scared of tuc tucs so she starts crying and there isn’t enough room for my comp and I… so I was like just go and we will run behind you. My comp was looking at me like homegirl say what!!!! But then we took off running. I was laughing so hard and we found a tuc tuc on the way there. We walked into the church and right after the girl was baptized, we walked in. It was hard to understand why our efforts were kind of thrown into the ground but I have learned the Lord has a purpose in everything. We showed this family the sacrament room and asked the mom to say a prayer (we have worked with them forever and she has never wanted to get married or pray with us or go to church). Her prayer was so sincere and so perfect. She asked the Lord to help her get rid of her anger and come unto Him. Needless to say, they were all in church the next day. They came late but they came!!!!!

Josselyn has been going out with us to visit!! She is incredible. She invites everyone to church and everyone to be baptized!!! I love seeing her desire to share this gospel with others!! The pic attached is of Andres, other recent convert and he is preparing to serve a mission!!! I loved being able to hear both of their testimonies. They have come such a long way!!!!!

So we talked to Luis about going on a mission this week. We told him he has to pray and ask the Lord what he should do. So he said in his prayer that he wants to know today if he should go. When he said amen, CRACK!!!! Thunder!!! Super loud. I think that was his answer.....

Can I just tell you all how important it is to go to church for the right reasons!!! The most important thing we do on Sunday is partake of the sacrament. Don’t miss out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Kira Webster


I still love animals :)

Garden at our apartment


October 20th The Importance of Reverence and Revelation, the Spirit is quiet and still and if there are other distractions we won’t recognize it!!!

WOW. I feel so weird and so happy. It is so hard to explain but our new area is taking off!!! We found 8 families this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously could not believe it. We were just a family magnet this week and it was incredible. I know that is what the Lord wants. He wants us to help everyone but especially families to come unto Him!! That is why He sent us here as a family, so that we can return back to His presence one day as a family!! I truly testify of that!!

So we found an 89 year old woman and she doesn’t really quite understand everything we teach her but she likes it. She told us she would go to church by herself and we were like umm okay!! So church starts at 9 but at 950 we saw her outside waving at us. My comp just said really loud OH MY GOSH in a Spanish accent. It was hilarious. But she just kept smiling at us the entire service and said she doesn’t understand a lot but she feels happy and peaceful in church!!!!!! 

Then Luis!!! He was mad and we just called him and were like let’s go to church together. He was okay and now he wants to always visit with us and he wants to go on a mission!!! He passed by for some of our investigators and even invited his friends to church!!!! So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We moved!!! Now I have a garden!!!!!! I will take pictures for next week!!!

So I was in the church at like 810... Lost track of time because the Hermana’s are supposed to be home by 8:00 pm…. and…. Then my Mission President,  Pres. Ruiz walks out. Uh oh!!! Then he offers to drive us home and bought us McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on Sunday at church a brother talked about the importance of Reverence and Revelation. He said the more Reverence there is, our ability to receive Revelation is higher. I never thought about it but it is so true. A lot of churches have people screaming and rolling on the floor and speaking (in tongues) but the Spirit doesn’t speak that way, it is quiet and still and if there are other distractions we won’t recognize it!!!

I just want to say.... this church is true. No doubt!  Joseph Smith was called of God and through the power of God revealed eternal truths in these last days. If you doubt it or want to understand it better, read James 1:5. Ask God. He will answer. I promise.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Kira Webster