Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 11th, 2013 Just listen to its message with your heart and you will feel it is true too.

Buenas from Guatemala!!!!
So I had no idea that my sister was in the middle of a typhoon!! I am so glad that she is safe. I was so worried when I first read my mom’s letter. Please pray for the people in the Philippines at this time that they can find peace and comfort.
This week was a roller coaster of emotions.

We had a family home evening with a super awesome family of only sisters. I love these girls so much. They are always willing to teach with us and their testimonies are rock solid. Their mom passed away about a year ago and I had no idea it was so recent. They are such an amazing example to me of strength. Their mom decided to get baptized when she was younger and helped convert her husband too and now two of her daughters want to serve missions. Sometimes we really underestimate the impact the decisions in our lives. Not only in our lives but the lives of others. Do not be afraid to share the Gospel. The change and the blessings you can bring to a person and their family is eternal. It does not only last an earthly lifetime but forever.

We were able to teach an elderly woman and a large handful of her grandchildren. It was such a special lesson. As we were saying the prayer, I felt a little arm loop around me. Little children are seriously angels. I love them so much.

So we went teaching with two recent converts. THEY ARE SO AWESOME. Hna. Ingrid and Hno. Tony. They are like my brother and sister here. They are so amazing and their testimonies always strengthen me. I am so grateful to be here and meet all of the people here in San Felipe. I truly do love them!! :)

Awesome lesson with Jimena!! We have been trying to get a hold of her for like 2 months and finally we did!! Hna. Moreno and I (companion splits, where you trade companions for a day or few hours) taught her about the Restoration and she actually understood what we were saying. She really expressed how she was feeling and I felt like we were really teaching her according to what she needed. This Gospel is true. It can help me, you, Jimena, anybody in this world!! Just listen to its message with your heart and you will feel it is true too.

Always have love and hope in your hearts and continue in faith. The Lord hears our prayers and He answers them too. He helps us to know what to do and will guide us to do what is right through the Holy Ghost. I love you all!!!
Hna. Kira Webster

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