Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov. 18th "The Lord really loves us. He has given us so much beauty and goodness in this world."

Darvin..... HE HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE.  He is the hardest person to find and we found him and he wants to be baptized. I have never been so happy. I could not stop smiling. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Familia Joj.... from my second week here. We invited them to a Family Home Evening with a member and Hno. Eduardo was talking to them about being baptized; they were like yeah... we want that. But they aren’t married so Hno. Eduardo talked to them about the importance of the Law of Chastity and then Hna. Olga Joj was like I need to get my papers together. Sisters will you go with me? UH YES. We are going tomorrow. I am so happy. I love them so much!!!

Cezar. New investigator. Coolest man ever. We walked into his house and I could tell something was off but didn’t know what it was. He is blind. So humble. He was straightforward and asked us so what are you doing here? What’s the purpose of your visit? At first, he was very stand offish but the response of my comp changed it all. She was speaking in that moment but I KNOW that the Spirit was truly speaking. Testifying of the truthfulness of her words. I have never felt the Spirit was strongly. It was amazing. Then he said and the other sister.... why are you here? I don’t even remember what I said but it was something that I could not have testified of on my own. The Spirit truly does testify of the truthfulness of this work. We went back the next day and then he asked how the Book of Mormon is different from the Bible? The Relief Society Pres. was with us and her response was perfect. WE NEED THE MEMBERS IN THIS WORK. CALL THE MISSIONARIES NOW.

Hna. Lillian made me a skirt!!! I love her. She always visits with us and her testimony is rock solid!!! :)
Today... I went to a jungle. It was amazing. We are so blessed. The Lord really loves us. He has given us so much beauty and goodness in this world. :)

 Hermana Kira Webster

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