Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lord lives and He loves us all ! Nov 4th, 2013

Hola familia y amigos!!

Feliz dia de los muertos!! o and Happy Halloween!!! :)

So day of the dead here is legit!  Cemeteries in the US are kind of daunting and sad but here it is like the perfect place for a fiesta!!! There were hundreds of people all over. It felt kind of like Greenbluff Apple Festival to be honest....but in a cemetery and no apples. But it was so awesome. Oh and they eat this meal every day of the dead..... Fiambre. Look it up. Warning.... you may throw up. It has like 35 ingredients of veggies, meat and all kinds of things. It has a lot but basically tastes like beets.....

This week we had an activity in the Church and we watched The Testaments. It was amazing. We had quite a few people who showed up and I just felt the Spirit so strongly. The Savior really did come to the Americas as it says in the Book of Mormon. He still lives and He will come again. I just felt so much love in my heart for our Savior as I watched this film and I know the other people who attended did as well. He came for us. This Church is His. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints truly is the Church that our Savior established while He was here on Earth and it holds the FULLNESS of the truth. I am so grateful for that knowledge and if you don’t have this knowledge, just read the Book of Mormon, pray, go to Church and it will come!!

So we had a lesson with Hna. Norma and we were all so tired. We could not stop yawning, which caused us to laugh, and we could not stop laughing!!! It was so fun and I really love her and her family. She is preparing to get baptized!! She just works on Sunday so we are really trying to focus on her going to church this Sunday!! 

I cannot really think of anything else so that is all!!
I love you all tons!!
The Lord lives and He loves us all!!
We are not alone and never will be.


Hna.  Kira Webster

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