Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7th, 2014 I am in Guatemala. The most beautiful place on earth :)

ITS P DAY PDAY GONNA WRITE MY FAMILY ON P DAY.  ( to the tune of Friday) I was singing that all day today :)
So sad news..... Hna. Page is no longer my comp. I love her so much and it was so hard to say goodbye but I know she just needs to bless the lives of even more people. She seriously has taught me so much and has helped me to be my real self in this work. I love her a ton and she is a forever friend to me.
But my new comp is pretty awesome tooo!!!!!!!! Hna. Briceño from Honduras. She is kind of weirdly related to Hna. Betancourth too. Funny how things work out huh???

I live in a house with my mission mom and a mini missionary( she isn’t a missionary but is just helping in the lack of hermanas). Hna. Bontempo from ym group was here for 5 days but she got reassigned to the Houston Texas mission because she got dengue 3 times :( We had a goodbye Guatemala party for her and it was so sad but she taught me a ton in the 5 days we had in the same house. I seriously love her a ton! :)

We have truly see miracles here. So many fruits form the work Hna. Page and I did in the last few weeks. People who want to know the truth :) Conference was just amazing!!! Blanca came. We stopped by her house like 10 minutes late and she was just waiting there in a skirt and make up on and everything. I have never seen her dressed up like that or so happy. I just had so much love for her in that moment. As we were in the tuc tuc on the way to conference, I just thought life doesn’t get better than this.I am a missionary of the only true church on the earth. I represent Jesus Christ, our Savior and the truths He taught here on the Earth. I am in Guatemala. The most beautiful place on earth :) I am seriously so stinking blessed.

I just want everyone to go read Lawrence R. Corbridges talk from Sunday afternoon session. I WAS GLUED TO THE SCREEN. I got to watch in English too(after fitting 8 missionaries in one tuc tuc and sprinting to the mission joke...picture included). But I felt like his talk summarizes the Gospel in 11 minutes. This is the truth. As they sang a child’s prayer, I just had an overwhelming feeling that I have always known it is true. Even as a child. I knew the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and I will never deny that. there so many things I want to share but the time is so short. I love you all so much and encourage to continue watching conference daily and go buy preach my gospel!!! every single one of you!!!

I love you!!!!
Hermana Kira Webster

p.s. I taught a lady with a pet squirrel!!!

Crowded Tuc tuc

Pet Squirrell

Kira loves animals :)

WA Apples in Guat !

Farwell to Hermana Bontempo

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