Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 14th, 2014 I feel so grateful to know who I am and my worth

Well I just love Hermana Blanca so much. She is the greatest. I was studying for her one morning and thinking how can I help her?? How can we help her accept baptism and understand the importance?? I just randomly flipped to the listening section in Preach My Gospel. I read it and was like we should just let her talk and listen. I know we should always do that but as missionaries we sometimes get caught up in the little things. So our lesson with Blanca that day was different than any other lesson that I have had. We just listened and listened. She told us that seeing her daughter and how interested she was in the Church has really helped her to be more motivated. She told us straight up that she was talking to her mom about baptism and she wants to be baptized!!!! I was like wait what!!! I just sat there with the goofiest looking smile on my face. If we didn’t listen to her or ask her questions, we wouldn’t have known any of this. Her prayer was so beautiful in the end too. I just felt so happy!! And she came to a baptismal service on Saturday with us too!! With her daughter.... in dresses!!! They never wear dresses. She had told us they don’t really like them. I just love seeing these simple yet profound changes in Blanca and her daughter. I love the Gospel.
So we contacted a lady who has a child with disabilities. I have never felt so much love for a little boy. He was so adorable and kept hugging me. :) We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how the Lord has a purpose in everything. I feel so grateful to know who I am and my worth. This Gospel is true. It has all the answers!!!!
The Lord has guided us to some truly prepared people this week. There was this guy just sitting there and I waved and he waved back I kept walking and then the GO BACK feeling came. So I went back, turns out he is going to be a dad for the first time. He is terrified so we talked to him about the plan of salvation. We returned and met his wife... she is so legit. She was like encouraging him to pray and was like yah lets go to church!! We need to be good examples. I know the Lord leads us to those who are waiting and He will lead each of you to those who are waiting for the truth too!!!
Read Preach My Gospel Chapter 9!!!! ( I hope you already bought your copy after conference... if not.... go do it now!!!!!!))
Send me missionary experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hna. Kira  Webster

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