Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Lord gives us trials so that we can become stronger. Oct 7th

Oct 7th, 2013
So General Conference is amazing as always!!! I watched 3 sessions in Spanish and understood quite a bit but still am looking forward to when I can read them in English!! :) I definitely loved Pres. Utchdorfs talk and Pres. Monson. I really needed that. I was promised that I would understand why I was serving a mission and I think I know why now. To be stronger. Stronger spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically.  I know the Lord gives us trials so that we can become stronger. He helps us through it but also wants us to learn. He truly is Our Loving Heavenly Father and He only wants what is best for us. 
So General Conference for me was rough. The preparation part. We visited over 30 people we have been teaching or just met and left our house 3 hours before conference started and everyone just flat out rejected us. I was feeling pretty beat down. We have been working so hard and everyone doesnt really want to change or make commitments. I am not gonna lie, i went to the bathroom before conference and cried. Then my zone leader, Elder Johnson, found me and said Hey we are watching in English upstairs. I knew this was a gift from our Heavenly Father, It is amazing how our faith is tested to as much as we can do and then we have a miracle.  For me, this was a miracle. 

We had 3 people end up coming to conference and these were miracles as well!!!
Remember Evelin?? My second week here we taught her and she called us angels :) She didn’t really want to learn more because her dad is super against the church but he came to conference with her and we are going to start teaching her again!! I have been thinking about her for such a long time. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!

Another lady was the mother of a recent convert. She has never gone to church. not even for her daughters baptism; but she went to conference and she showed up by herself!! It was amazing and we didn’t even know she came until later that night!!! Also, Hna. Toribia came to church by herself. We always pass by for her and we couldn’t this week but when we walked in, there she was going up the stairs!! :) My heart was seriously filled with joy.
So you know how I said finding people who are interested in the gospel has been rough; well we were walking and we passed this house and I felt like hey we should contact this guy but I kind of brushed it off and then my comp stopped me and we went back to his house. William. He is awesome!! We started teaching him and he stopped me in the middle and said so when do you have church??? What!!! He wants to go and he talked about how he has overcome so many things in his life through the Lord. His faith is incredible and I am so excited to teach him again!!

I went to a Mayan Ruin on Prep Day (P-day)!!!
 I think it is the oldest ruin in history but I am not sure. t was pretty cool!!!!

I love you all soooooooooooooooo much!

Hna. Kira Webster

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