Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28th "I love my ward and this work and the people I am working with!! I love missionary work ! "

What a week!!! Man I love Guatemala. I love being a missionary :)
So we had an awesome experience. We were looking for one of our investigators and when we left Hna. Toribias house, he was playing soccer in the basketball court right in front of her house. We asked if we could teach him a mini lesson and he said sure. Then 10 adorable children followed him and us. It was so fun! It looked like and kind of felt like the picture of Christ teaching the Sermon on the Mount. He read the Book of Mormon and we asked him how he felt about it... "Tranquilo" aka peaceful It was awesome :) I couldn’t stop smiling. Hna. Toribia (recent convert) helped u teach too and let me tell you... she was TESTIFYING!! I loved hearing her testimony of the Gospel and how grateful she is for it in her life. These little children were amazing. So full of faith. If only everyone could believe like little kids. We got their information and visited their families too! One little girl was telling her mom how excited she was for us to stop by and when we gave her the Book of Mormon, her and her sister actually read it!!! (little did we know, her mom is an inactive member)

The little girl who likes Cinderella and reading... Cecilia (I think I talked about her last time) but we taught her and her mom and before I left she came up to me and was like " Uhh... este domingo???" AS IN I WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!!! My heart was full of joy. This little girl is seriously adorable and I love her so much!!!! Seriously the faith of a child is amazing.

So we started teaching the daughter of a member, Lillian, last week and she is super pilas!!!(awesome, una palabra guatemalteca) She is reading the Book of Mormon and she went to a baptism with us. I love being with her. She is just full of light and has a desire to learn and she is just hilarious. I am so excited for her and the changes she is making in her life!

So a super sweet experience.... I was feeling a little homesick and I just kind of cried out, “Heavenly Father, you know I am here for you". A second later I just felt like He responded my prayer and the thought came to my mind; “I am here for you too". He will NOT leave us comfortless. :)

So a Hermana in my house was super sick on Sunday so I went with her to Reu. As we were leaving, I just started crying. I wouldn’t be able to go pick up my investigators for church and it was then that I realized how much I love my ward and this work and the people I am working with!! I love missionary work. It may be hard but it makes me happy and I really do love these people!!!

We had no water for 4 days... aka smelly Kira.... it was great.

Well that is my week! I love you all tons! xoxoxoox
Hna. Kira Webster

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