Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 21st 2014 Live His Gospel and teach it to others.

Well I went back to Young Women’s this week!!! There was an activity with the youth in the Stake!!!!I loved it!!! 3 girls went and taught with us. I loved hearing their testimonies and seeing them invite others to come unto Christ!!! The future missionaries of this generation. We visited lady who hasn’t come to Church for like 2 years and she was so happy when we all came. These girls made her day and she said she was going to come to church!!! (She has never even promised that before!!!) She still didn’t come but I know with more lessons with the Young women she will definitely be there on Sunday... soon!!!

It was Blanca’s Bday!!! ( and Hna. Ingrid from San her!!!) We bought her a delicious cake and it was so much fun!! We went with the Ward Mission Leader and Cristian!!! and..... she has decided to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with her daughter. I was so stinking excited. Her faith has grown so much and I am so excited for her!!!!! Please pray for her so she can be ready for this Saturday!!! She is such an amazing lady!!!!

So it was Semana Santa. Here that means time to get drunk. So we were inside for Thursday and Friday. We had English class for the Latinos... the teacher.... yours truly!!! We played  Jeopardy!! It was so fun. They loved it. I love teaching English so much!! and yes I do have another English class here in Concepción. It is the best. I loved getting people excited to learn another language. We also watched the Errand of Angels.. missionaries in Germany. One part of the movie, the sister is reflecting on all of the people she has taught on her mission. I started to do the same... wow. Incredible. I have had so many amazing experiences here. Not huge or great but small and impactful. I have never loved the Gospel like I do now and I have never wanted so many people to know it and accept it. I love this Gospel with all my heart and I know it is the way to have true happiness in this life and the next.

So my Zone Leader. Elder Segard aka Garrison Colvin’s twin taught me an important lesson today without knowing it. The sun is super bright lately and I have been kind of hard on myself. He just said wow it is amazing how one little cloud can block the light of the sun. I just kind of sat there and thought about how one little negative thought can block my light. I cannot let this little cloud stop me from smiling or being happy. Struggles are a part of life but we choose to be happy!!! No more little clouds of negativity for me. ( I don’t know if that made sense!!!)

I was studying the Resurrection and trying to figure out how I could best remember it. In the Bible in all the Gospels, Christ tells His disciples to Preach the Gospel and then I realized that is how we can remember what He did for us. Live His Gospel and teach it to others. I invite you all to do the same.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hna. Webster



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