Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 27th 2014 The most important thing we do on Sunday is partake of the sacrament

This week has been full of running up and down streets and getting people to church and baptisms. Hahah. No that only happened twice but it was hilarious.

 So everything here starts an hour late so we invited this family to a baptism at 6 but we got there at like 615 to take them but then I call the elders and they are like um Hermana the baptism is starting now....  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  We are rushing this family out and then the little girl is scared of tuc tucs so she starts crying and there isn’t enough room for my comp and I… so I was like just go and we will run behind you. My comp was looking at me like homegirl say what!!!! But then we took off running. I was laughing so hard and we found a tuc tuc on the way there. We walked into the church and right after the girl was baptized, we walked in. It was hard to understand why our efforts were kind of thrown into the ground but I have learned the Lord has a purpose in everything. We showed this family the sacrament room and asked the mom to say a prayer (we have worked with them forever and she has never wanted to get married or pray with us or go to church). Her prayer was so sincere and so perfect. She asked the Lord to help her get rid of her anger and come unto Him. Needless to say, they were all in church the next day. They came late but they came!!!!!

Josselyn has been going out with us to visit!! She is incredible. She invites everyone to church and everyone to be baptized!!! I love seeing her desire to share this gospel with others!! The pic attached is of Andres, other recent convert and he is preparing to serve a mission!!! I loved being able to hear both of their testimonies. They have come such a long way!!!!!

So we talked to Luis about going on a mission this week. We told him he has to pray and ask the Lord what he should do. So he said in his prayer that he wants to know today if he should go. When he said amen, CRACK!!!! Thunder!!! Super loud. I think that was his answer.....

Can I just tell you all how important it is to go to church for the right reasons!!! The most important thing we do on Sunday is partake of the sacrament. Don’t miss out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Kira Webster


I still love animals :)

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