Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec. 9th 2013

Hola!!!!I cannot believe it has already been a week. Oh how the time flies.
So I am loving the mission. Sure there are trials and nothing is picture perfect but I truly feel like I am learning how I can be a better person. I am learning patience, humility, love and how to become more like the Savior.

The Lord is truly blessing my companion and I with so many miracles. One Hermana who doesn’t really come to church anymore because she works on Sunday popped into my head. I was like hey lets go visit her. Her last Sunday working was last week and she came to church with her son, who isn’t baptized yet! It was truly a miracle. I have invited her to church so many times and she finally came!!!! :) Then we found another little girl who is visiting her family for vacation and she was straight up like I want to be baptized. She came to church on Sunday and was so excited to see us. It made my day. I love her so much!!!!

One Hermano after a lesson just stopped and said Hermanas gracias por este momento. So simple but it made my day!!

On Wednesday, we went Christmas caroling and invited less active members to the Christmas Devotional (online at, watch it!).Such a spiritual experience. One family was hiding form us. I saw the boy crawling on the ground away from me so I just said lets start singing. We started to sing and they came to the door and let us in. we had a really great conversation with them about coming back to church. They didn’t come on Sunday but Iwe are going to visit them again!!

I had two companion exchanges this week. One with Hna. Moreno and the other with HNA, ISON!!!!! It was amazing, we sang in Christmas songs in a bus and invited everyone to come to the devotional and one lady actually came!! So awesome. I learned so much form them and we had some awesome experiences. It is amazing how the Lord leads us to the people who need us most in the moment.

If I know anything it is that the Lord loves us. He is conscious of our needs and He is always willing to help us. We just need to turn to Him when we need Him. This is His Church and i am so grateful to bring it to the people here in Guatemala. I love you all tons!!
Send me pictures of snow please and Christmas trees. Thank you!! xooxox

Hna.  Kira Webster

Feliz Navidad from Hermana Kira Webster

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