Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12th, 2014 My heart is full of love and peace and joy

My heart is full of love and peace and joy. I got to talk to my beautiful and amazing family yesterday!! It felt like I never left. I cannot stop smiling. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Tell your family you love them. Take the time to get to know them and spend time with them. These are eternal bonds you are building and strengthening. I know my family is forever and I am so grateful for all they have taught me. I love you Mom and Dad and Boo and Vernie!

Well we received a reference from the Lord this week. We were so lost and we had no idea where to go.  So we prayed and my comp saw this girl enter her house and so we went and visited her. INCREDIBLE THIS GIRL. Gladys. The first question she asked was Can you come and teach me more?? Um okay!!! I was so happy. We made a mistake though... we were getting other investigators to go to church and couldn’t make it to her house so SHE WALKED 30 MIN TO CHURCH BY HERSELF. And she didn’t even know where it was. Wow. I love her so much! her faith strengthens me and I know the Lord lead us to her. I am so grateful for the Spirit in this work!!

Esly. She is pregnant and has 3 kids and no money at all. I feel so much love for her as we teach her. I want her and her family to have these blessings from the Gospel. She came to church on Sunday and Hna. Briceño and I were praying to go pick her up and I just felt that I needed to bring my oatmeal. As we were leaving I went and grabbed it and my comp asked me why?? I told her and she said I was feeling the same way. So we ran back to the kitchen and shoved a ton of food into a bag to give to her and her family. Hna. Esly was just so grateful for this little bit of food we gave. I know as we listen to the Spirit and serve those around us, we answer prayers and represent the Savior.

Last but not least. This video has changed my life. Everyone. EVERYONE MUST WATCH IT.  I have never felt so empowered to change and become better. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior. He lives and because He does, we will live again too.
 Aquellos que hablen Españo!!!! ( It is better in Spanish!!)

I love you all!!!
Hna. Kira Webster aka Bear

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