Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 13th, 2014 - I just want to testify that it doesn’t matter what trial we are facing. The Lord is aware of us and our circumstances

CHANGES!!!!!  In the middle of a transfer.....
They just switched me and my comp to a different ward but it hurt. I didn’t want to leave all of these wonderful people I have been teaching and the people that I have helped baptized. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to them!! It was rough but I know the Lord has a plan in all of this.

So we basically have had another weird week. showing the elders from our ward the area. By the way, these elders are so awesome. So obedient and they just want to do what is right. They are such good examples to me!!!!
We had an incredible lesson with this family. They are reading the book of Mormon and praying and we just felt so much peace in the lesson with them!!!! But they were like we don’t want to listen to your lessons anymore. Like my husband is praying for the first time and everything but it just isn’t for us. I was just like what!!! So after like 20 minutes after explaining that all of that is evidence that this is true... they still didn’t want anything. I was like let’s just leave elder but he was diligent and asked them one more time if he and his comp could come back... and they said yes. Sometimes I feel like I lack the faith to truly help these people but every time the Lord shows me that the Spirit works miracles. It just takes a little faith and diligence.

Dulce got baptized!!!! She is so wonderful!! she didn’t even know who Christ was when we first met her and know she is so excited to follow Him more fully in her life!! She is such an example to me. Her dad is a less active member and not very supportive but she is so strong her decision to follow Christ!! I feel so blessed to have been part of it!!!

So Josselyn has been going through a lot lately. But we were able to sing Come Come Ye Saints with her and her family. Wow. So powerful. I just want to testify that it doesn’t matter what trial we are facing. The Lord is aware of us and our circumstances and He wants to help us more than anything. We just have to look for Him. His hand is always extended towards us. I love Him and that’s what I am here. I love His children here in Guatemala. His Chapines. I feel so blessed to work here with Hna. Alavrenga, my best friend, and to help others come to realize what Christ has done and is willing to do for each of them.
I love you all!!! 
Hna. Kira Webster

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