Sunday, October 19, 2014

September 22nd When we follow the Spirit, we can really see miracles of the Lord in this work.

I GOT MY SECOND BABY! (This means she is training her second Sister Missionary) Note the pic attached of me and my hijas. Her name is Hna. Alvarenga and she is form Honduras, She is really close to Hna.Betancourth, my other comp from Honduras who just went home!!!! She is an incredible missionary. I have been blown away by her. She is already teaching me a ton and I am so excited for her training. I feel like this is how I always thought my mission would be. I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny news,,,, I almost got hit by lightning!! It was terrifying.
So I have been visiting this one less active family my whole time here on my mission and it has been such a struggle. We stopped by their house and only were able to talk to their 13 year old daughter. She is an little rebellious and told us she didn’t want to go to church. Well on Sunday I told my comp we should stop by their house and take them to church. We walked up and every single member of their family was leaving the house in their church clothes except the dad. I was a little bummed and as we were walking into the church, the dad came in on his moto even though he only got an hour of sleep. Talk about miracles. We went there at night and the 13 year old daughter, Graciella was the one who really motivated her mom to go. When we follow the Spirit, we can really see miracles of the Lord in this work.

We were able to find some awesome people in this tiny side street. I just kept walking until the end and my comp was like how did you know to go there. I was like I just didn’t felt like I needed to stop and I know that the Spirit was guiding me. Fernando and his Bisabuela live there and they are of Catholic faith but they were so excited to listen and he is reading the book of Mormon to her!!! And he understands it!!!! I just felt the Spirit so strongly there as we testified of the truthfulness of this message. I love being a missionary!! I love teaching these truths!

Another miracle, Gladis!! She came 20 minutes in a bus by herself just to come to church!!! Wow. What an example. I love teaching her!!!!

Hey all of you awesome women out there!! There is going to be a conference this Saturday at 6 especially for women!!! It is going to be outstanding!!! You are all cordially invited!!!!
I love you all tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Spokane WA Missionaries

Baby #2 , 

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