Sunday, October 19, 2014

September 16th, 2014 I love praying!!! It is the best. He really is aware of our needs and desires!

Happy Independence to my fellow Chapines!!!!!!!! I love this country so much!!!
So this week we were able to go to  theme park here in Guatemala called Xetulul!!! It was so stinking fun!! I usually hate roller coasters and things that go upside down but I had a blast!!!! I literally have never laughed or screamed so hard in my life.

Miracle of the week..... Jennifer and Fabiola! So we had taught them before and they had even come to church but they randomly showed up at one of our activities (the movie one!) So we were like hey lets go visit them. They weren’t showing a lot of interest but came to church by themselves!!! calidad. So we decided to just ask them why they do it all. They were just like um we want to be baptized. Um okay!! esta bien. So we helped them get everything together for Saturday but of course there are trials in everything. They had accepted a job for that Saturday and Sunday!!! So they ended up getting baptized Sunday night and will be confirmed net week!!! Well there was another difficulty in the process but it is really hard to explain over email.only one of the sisters we there and we were just waiting for the other. I just kept praying and praying that she would show up and she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love praying!!! It is the best. He really is aware of our needs and desires!!! I testify of that!!

Oh and Andres, our recent convert, baptized them!! He may have done it wrong like 7 ties but it was incredible to see someone I have taught, baptize someone else!! He said the other day... I only have to wait a year and then I leave for two. I didn’t understand at first but he was talking about a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love being a missionary. I trying to enjoy every moment and love these people the best I can!!!

funny fact. My comps name is Yaquira Maria. Mine is Kira Marie. We are twins. Hahaha

Love you all!!!
Read your scripturess porfa!

Hna. Kira Webster

MTC Comps

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