Sunday, October 19, 2014

September 9th, 2014 I know my Savior is with me in every moment and is constantly trying to help me become a better instrument in His hands

I bought Corte today!!!!!! It was awesome and difficult because it is all so beautiful!! Pic attached.

I went on 3 divisions this week. My comp is the Hermana leader so she has to go out with the Hermana’s weekly!!! I got to go with Hna. Santos, who I love and Hna. Moore. aka mtc comp. and Hna. Holman!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun!!!!! I loved getting to know these Hermana’s better and thinking back to the good old mtc. That was forever ago. The time is seriously passing by so fast and the more I think about the more it hurts to think one day I have to go. I am not going to lie some days it is hard to get up and do the same thing over and over again but I love it!!! I love these people. I love their culture. The colors. The food..... Still don’t know how Ii feel about it. jajaja. But I seriously love Guatemala. I know the lord called me here for a reason!!!

Our recent convert Andres went and did visits with us!!! It was awesome. I love hearing his testimony. He is so sincere and it just amazes me the changes the gospel brings into our lives.

So funny story. We were fasting and our investigator is a chef. I always tell him that i want him to make me a dessert so i asked him where my dessert was and he went to go get it. But we were fasting!!! So I was like Andres can you eat it?? He was like fine. It was this pudding thing and the Hermano gave him a spoonful. Andres face was kind of in shock and he was like um what flavor is this?? cafe. aka coffee. Andres looked at us like what do I do!! We cannot drink coffee. We are Mormons. hahaa. It was hilarious. I was dying of laughter.

With Hna. Holman we had an incredible lesson with this beautiful family. We were looking for an old investigator from the area book but instead we found this not so positive Hermano. Then his wife comes out and was like come on in!!!!! She had so many questions and was so excited to listen!!!! It is amazing how the Spirit leads us.

MARIANO.  His wife doesn’t want to get married... so he can’t get baptized but he is coming to church by himself and reads the book of Mormon daily. He is such an example to me of faith and diligence.

Things with my comp are a lot better!!!! I love her ton!! She has helped me to calm down. To stop and smell the roses. So I have made a new motto "life is simple so stop complicating it."
 Seriously though. but I have really learned from her to just enjoy the moment!!!!

I directed hymns in sacrament meeting!!! it was awesome.!!!
Oh last moment of pride... a tuc tuc driver told me I speak Spanish better than my comp!!!!!! I was dying but he is literally the only person in the world who thinks that but i was freaking out!!!!!!!!

But I really do know this work I am doing is so important and I am so grateful the Lord has trusted me to take care of His Guatemaltecos. I love them. I know my Savior is with me in every moment and is constantly trying to help me become a better instrument in His hands. I love this Gospel. IT IS WHAT BRINGS TRUE HAPPINESS. En the topical guide in the Spanish scriptures the word joy says to also see obedience. When we are obedient and truly live this gospel we will feel the difference in our lives. I testify of that!!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hna. Webster

Cornfields with the Zone Leaders

Buying Corte

Trio is back !!! 

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