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February 24th , 2014 I left my heart in San Felipe.....

I left my heart in San Felipe.....

I had my first area change. It literally broke my heart to leave those people. Knowing that the majority of them I would never see again. It hurt. It was hard. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry again. I was praying that the Lord would put certain people in my path so that I could say goodbye... and He did. Sometimes we really don’t understand our impact until we have to leave as missionaries. I was able to see Darvin!!!! He was looking for me to say goodbye. He just was telling me how he feels so much happier and he feels peace in his life. It made me feel so good to know and truly blessed that I could be a part of helping him come unto Christ. I learned so much in San Felipe and I will always hold it very close to my heart. I will never forget the people there!!!!

Julio got baptized on Saturday!! I couldn’t be there but I am sooooooooooooooooo happy!!! Alexa and Jacqueline are getting baptized next Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all soooooooooooooooooo much. I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here I am in ConcepciĆ³n with Hna. Page!!! My first gringa comp. I love her so much. She is awesome. She is a Graphic Design major at BYU and has 4 months in the mission ( We have so much fun together and we work hard. We almost always fall asleep in out planning sessions at night Hahaha. Oh yah.... IT IS SO STINKIN HOT HERE.  I am seriously dying of heat. San felipe is like super fresco but here.... yah it is bad. They had 3 baptisms this week and there recent converts are amazing. Their testimonies have strengthened me greatly. The Gospel really does have the power to change people and help them feel the Saviors love IMMENSELY in their lives.

So we had to receive permission from a Catholic Godmother to baptize her nephews. It was terrifying but the Spirit really helped me to be forward with her and let her know the truth. She was super hesitant in the beginning but we were able to let our investigators bear their testimonies of the truthfulness of this Gospel to her. She wouldn’t listen at first but I made her and in the end.... they are getting baptized next Saturday!!!!!
So I am now known as Hermana Machete. Machetear is a verb here. It means to machete. I machete people. I tell them how it is straight up which is something that has changed about me in the mission. I am pretty straight forward now. I don’t know if it good or bad.

So everyone here thinks I sing like an angel. Christian, a recent convert, just stared at me with his mouth open as we sang hymns in Sacrament meeting. He then showed me that his palms were sweating because he could not handle how beautiful my voice is..... bahahahah. If you have heard me sing..... it isn’t that great but I’ll take it!!!

So we had a pretty neat experience this week in an area of 4 houses. We went to contact this one family but they had a huge Virgin Mary in this glass frame and I was like uhhh..... idk but they turned out pretty positive and the son is 15 and His name is Joseph... like Joseph Smith so we were able to take about the Restoration a little!!! Then we left and this lady was like I need your prayers come on in.... okay!!! The lord really puts us in the place of those who are prepared. So many times this week we went to visit someone an found someone else instead!!! Everyday miracles!!!!

You can see them in your life too!!! Just keep the faith and always seek to do the will of the Lord!!! and then write them down afterwards and email me about them!!!!
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hna. Kira Webster

1st Transfer   San Felipe to Concepcion

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