Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24th, 2014 I love the Gospel.

Buenas tardes folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.... someone broke into our house.......................... WE DID.  Hna. Page left the keys in our house and we were freaking out. Then I remembered that man who tried to break into our house... I thought hey we should do the same. After twenty minutes and a lot of frustration. We opened the window and pulled the keys out with a stick. Pretty sketchy huh?? this is what Guatemala has taught me.

We did service for a recent convert, Vivian. She is awesome and the elders tried to teach me how to chop wood. After like 10 tries I finally did it. They were freaking out. It was terrifying. I felt like I was going to chop my foot off.
Randomly walking down the street and this man yelled out..... JOSE SMITH. That was it but I thought it was hilarious.

It is mango season..... they are amazing here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stinking delicious. Not even kidding. I love it so much. I hated mangoes before but now I am a mango freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filling in the words of Spanish soap operas is hilarious by the way. At least with Hna. Page and Hna. Webster.

Well now for spiritual events!
Hna. Blanca!! So she lives like 15 minutes away from church and wasn’t very positive but we explained the sacrament to her and she was like... well i have never partaken of it. So she was like I will save my quetzales so I can come to church! We weren’t really sure what was going to happen and on Saturday she called us and was like hey my cousin will take me so you don’t need to drop by. We were really hesitant but we walked into church and she was sitting there with her two kids!!! It was seriously a miracle :) Her heart truly was softened and I know that she rally has this desire to follow the Lord! We are excited to see how our visits go with her this week :)

Alejandro... so we were like let’s go visit him. His brother opens the door...wasted. But… let’s just say I gave him some fine words about what he was doing to himself. He kind of just stopped drinking and started listening to us. We talked about Christ and how it is through Him we can find relief and not through alcohol. He started just crying and asking us to forgive him. It was so sad to see but at the same time I felt that he had this desire to change. He asked us to come back the next day so we did. It was a beautiful lesson. We explained repentance and I know they want this change. they want to follow the Savior and change their lives.

 I am so grateful for the knowledge I have through the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He lives and He is here to help us. In these days through a living prophet of God. We know the things we should avoid and what truly will bring happiness in this life and the next. I love the Gospel.

Thanks for your love and support. I love you!!!!
Hna. Webster

"AX"idents can  happen...

Twinners...even the tongue :)

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