Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th We cannot judge and say who is and who isn’t until we try!! So share the Gospel with your friends and everyone else!!!

Guatemalan Horror Story…..

Well you are probably wondering about the title of this email...

So let's just say the worst way to wake up in the morning is to have your companion jump on your bed and tell you to be quiet. Hna. Page pointed over to the window and there were just two hands trying to get through the window. (The windows here are like blinds, they open and close and he was trying to push it open).Someone was trying to get into our house. I just thought I am going to die. We just ran to the other room to call the zone leaders and tell them to run over to our house. They said they were on their way. Like 10 seconds after our doorbell rang.... way too fast to be the zone leaders. We both were just shaking and praying and crying. We yelled WHO IS IT!!  I don’t know how but the Lord gave me the most terrifying voice in the world and I told that man to LEAVE before someone else took him out of there. We sat in 3 minutes of silence and then the elders from the office showed up with bats and what not. The guy had left but they found him on the corner and the police came and took care of things. Let’s just say it was an experience. I slept with a frying pan but todo esta bien now.  (YES…. Her Mom had a heart attack while reading this portion of her letter….)

Well other than that experience, this week was an interesting one. We found a super awesome guy named Alejandro and he just gets the Gospel. He has the desire to change. I was just beaming the whole lesson. I know there truly are people who are prepared and ready to hear this Gospel. We cannot judge and say who is and who isn’t until we try!! So share the Gospel with your friends and everyone else!!!
I have learned a very valuable lesson this week about love. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the missionary routine that we forget our purpose as missionaries. I was getting stuck in the routine and Hna. Page helped me remember why I am here…. LOVE…. I love the Lord and His children. We are here to strengthen them and invite them unto our Savior, Jesus Christ. After meditating it and truly studying how the Savior taught, I saw a difference in our lessons. We had a beautiful spirit there and we were able to teach and find two wonderful families. I know the Spirit guided us to them for our desire to truly teach as the Savior did. I love representing his name and I am so grateful to be back on track with the true and pure love of Christ at the core of my purpose. I love these people. I am not perfect and have many faults but through teaching them and serving them I am becoming better little by little.

When an investigator tells you they don’t want you to visit them anymore... it is like a break up. Devastating and heart breaking really, but the Lord always puts miracles right after!!  Christian's( recent convert) aunt and uncle came to our stake conference... alone!!!! Without even teaching them. It was beautiful. Miracles are the best!!!! It comes through our hard work and dedication. :)
I just wanna say thank you all for the emails and support. It makes my day!! Week and month!!! I love you all a ton!!! xoxoxooxox

Hna. Kira  Webster

Twin from another Mother aka Hna. Page

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  1. Hi Kira! I miss you so much and think of you often! You are an amazing missionary! I hope to email you more and catch up on your posts of all the wonderful experiences you have had so far. Keep up the good work and know I am so proud you made the decision to serve the Lord on your mission! Love ya girl! :)