Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 18th, 2014 God gave us the ability to choose for a reason and we have to respect that!

Well family!!! This week was so weird.

Here in Guatemala when a missionary comes home, everyone in the ward comes and they release the missionary in front of everyone. As they were releasing this missionary, I just feel so sick in my stomach. How could I ever leave this place?? How can I not be Hna. Webster? Or Western Union as they say it here... with a very strong Spanish accent. I seriously feel like the mission has been the hardest yet most satisfying thing ever,

I got to go on divisions with Hna. Pister aka my MTC comp... So much fun!! It was ridiculously fun and we bought some bread and hot chocolate. I loved being able to catch up with her,

We had a multi zone conference and they talked about the Sabbath Day a lot. Presidente Ruiz said something I loved. Money we earn on the Sabbath day will never be able to makeup for the blessings we could receive by keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. It is so true!!

So we had an awesome lesson with this family we are teaching and the Spirit was so strong. They understood the Priesthood and how the same Church Christ established is here on Earth today. At the end, the Hermano asked how exactly he can see his mother again after this life. I feel so blessed to have this knowledge and to be able to explain how this can be!! The Lords plan truly is ´perfect!!!! They didn’t end up going to church but I have come to realize that as long as we teach with the Spirit and are willing to support them, that is all we can do. We are not here to force people as missionaries. We are here to invite. God gave us the ability to choose for a reason and we have to respect that!! So don’t be scared to share the Gospel!! Do your part. Open your mouth and you will see miracles!!!!

I love you guys so much!!!!! Thanks for all of your support and letters!!!
Hermana Webster

MTC Companions, Hna. Webster and Pister

Package from the Dixons :)

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