Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 25th, 2014 "I love my savior and I love preaching His gospel. "

Well!!! This week has been a bit strange and difficult but really good for me!!!!Andres finally came to church!!! He is so awesome. His testimony amazes me and he is so excited to get baptized and is already talking about a mission!!! We were headed to an appt. and I felt like we needed to go see him. He doesn’t like when we go to his house and it was pouring rain. My comp was like Hermana he won’t be there!! But you can’t ignore the Spirit. So we went. When it rains here like no one is outside and he was outside sitting there alone. It was perfect and then a member let us teach him in their house. It was just perfect and the spirit was so strong as we testified how he could see his mom again. I love the Spirit. It has guided me so much here in Guatemala and I have come to recognize better on the mission!!!

Oh and this member gave us mini pilas... it is what we wash our clothes in!!! I love it so much!!!!!
Gieovanna got baptized!!!! For her baptismal interview she told our dl how she wants to go on a mission and in her prayers she prays that people will open doors to us!! How precious. I was asking her why she goes to church and she went off about the sacrament and how we need to remember Christ.... she is only 8. Wow. It is like the Savior said. Children are so close to heaven. I love the kids here so much!!!!

We had a Hermana conference with the whole mission yesterday and today!!! It was so fun to see all my old comps and the girls who came in my MTC group!!! I love them so much. We talked about being consecrated to the Lord and I realized something. The mission is a model for life. Everything I learn and do here is setting me up to be a better mom, a better wife, a better daughter of God. As we consecrate our life to Him, we become more like Him. I am not perfect but any means but I want to give my all in these next 3.5 months (I cannot believe how fast the time is going!!!!!)

This Church is true. The Savior lives. I really know this is His work. I am so grateful to be serving Him here in Guatemala. I know I am not perfect but he (Christ) has set a perfect example for each and everyone us. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are the word of God and as we read them and apply the teachings of our savior we will become more like Him. I love my savior and I love preaching His gospel. 

I love you all so much"!!!!!
Hna. Webster  aka hehehe  Hna. Western Union

Mini Pilas 

MTC Batch at the Hermana Conference :)

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