Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 11th, 2014 Transferred to La Union

So I am here en La Union with my new companion... Hna. Valenzuela from the Dominican Republic. What what!! And it is her last change in the mission. So crazy!!

But before changes... I got to go back to San Felipe for like 3 hours!!! It was incredible. We were on splits and there was a strike and these cars blocked all roads leaving Reu so Hna. Terry and I were running around like crazy trying to find a truck going to San Felipe. It was hilarious. I wish I could explain it well with words but you just can’t. I got to see some people from my old area and it felt so weird to be back where I started my mission. I love that place so much!!!!!

Oh and Hno. Rudy accepted to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!! I met him my first Saturday here and they would laugh a lot and not take it very seriously and now I can see a difference. They love to joke still but they are excited to learn more and I am excited to help him and his wife get ready to go to the temple in a year!!! I WILL DEFINITELY COME BACK FOR THAT!!!

On Monday, Aylin taught a lesson to us!! It was incredible and the spirit was so strong and then Josselyn just kept talking about how much she loves the temple. I love that girl so much!! She is a miracle!!! Seriously.

So Josselyn gave us a reference, Andres. We gave him a Book of Mormon on Tuesday and he has already read 100 pages.... what!! He loves it and has no doubt that it is all true and has accepted to be baptized on the 30th.... incredible. The Lord truly prepares these people.

My new companion.... I love her. She is so sassy and direct and is everyone’s friend. She has taught me so much in these past few days. She is helping me to relax and just enjoy the mission. I am so glad the Lord knows my heart and what I need.

In the changes meeting, a dad of an elder came and said, in spite of your weaknesses and faults, you represent the best of this world.
That really hit me and it is true!! We are not perfect but Christ is. I am so grateful for His perfect example!!!
I love you all !
Hermana Kira Webster

(The pics are in San Felipe, Mazate & La Union)

My House in San Felipe

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