Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aug 6th "Who Am I"

First  of all.... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.
I could not do this without knowing I have your support. I´m not going to lie, it is hard and it is rough but it´s all worth it. I really have been focusing on my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The questions Who Am I to Christ kept coming to my mind. And I realized I am His representative. My favorite picture has always been of Christ helping up Mary ( I think it is). It makes me think of the song "You Raise Me Up". He really does raise us up. He went down to the lowest of lows in the garden of gethsemane so that He could raise us up. I had that realization this morning and I could not help but start crying. He is with me and He is lifting me up and that´s all I need to know. 

This week I have really noticed the Savior´s hand in this work. I have felt the Spirit guide me to places where I have needed to go. We were looking for a less active member named Johnathon and all we knew is that he lived in this one area (they don´t really have addresses here). So we knocked on the door and asked for Johnathon but someone else came. The best part is he listened. truly listened. A lot of people here are just too scared to say no so when someone actually pays attention in a lesson, IT IS AWESOME!! It also reminded me that the Lord has a sense of humor. :)

I found a scripture this week thata I absolutely love. D&C 58: 2-4! Read it :)
I am starting to feel more at home here. The people are so loving to me and even though I cannot understand everything they say aka the majority they are so sweet to me. People actually get excited to see me now. I think that is the best part :)

The members here are awesome too. Especially recent converts. They teach with us all of the time and for like 4 hours at a time! Their testimonies strengthen me so much and, I am so grateful for their examples. 

I don´t really have anytime to say more but please know that I love you. Always and I miss you.

Hermana Webster
Beautiful Guatemala !

Yummy !

My Dad's Mission Card

Mc D's

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