Saturday, September 21, 2013

August 19th Love is taking the time to understand their viewpoint and accepting them for who they are

I got to see my MC comp at a training and we were comps in the practice. Hermana Pister. I love her so much and it is so nice to see a familiar face. These  companionships are definitely inspired by God. Hermana Moore and Pister have helped prepare me for all of things I have faced here.

COCKROACHES SUCK. I lifted up the blender and there were 6!! 6!!!!! I almost died. So my instinct was to grab a knife and stab them. I got 3!!! But I seriously hate them so much. that and ormigas aka ants. In my Peanut Butter.... :(
This week I have learned a lot of things but most of all, I have learned how essential love is in all things. Everybody has faults and no one is perfect. We cannot expect others to change and the only thing we can do is change ourselves. Love is taking the time to understand their viewpoint and accepting them for who they are. I have really learned that when we pray to love those around us, the Lord will do exactly just that and the little things don{t matter as much. They may still annoy us but we can put them behind us. love is essential in this work and in life. It really is what motivates us and keeps us going.

So we taught this family with only little boys and the middle child kept putting his stuffed animals on my lap. Then I said the prayer and my comp had the rest of the stuffed animals on her lap. After we got home that night, I opened my bag and found a little stuffed animal bee in my backpack. It made my day :)

We had a baptism!! Hermana Toribia. She is this cute little old lady and she has such a strong faith in Christ. She just got her arm taken out of a cast so her bones are really sensitive to the cold so we went and bought a water heater... but now we use it for us. I love it so much. Anyways back to Hermana Toribia, she is so adorable. She always tells Hermana Pineda to take care of her gringita. :) aka me. After her baptism, we went to house and she just told how grateful she is that we taught her. It was definitely a special moment. Then when she received the Holy Ghost the next day, she just started crying on the stand and told the Bishop that she felt a warmth in her chest. I know this warmth is the Holy Ghost and only these feelings of joy and comfort and truth can be felt by the Holy Ghost. I know that the Holy Ghost is real and it truly does testify of the truth to all of us.

We are also teaching a young man named Enrique. he is hilarious and he writes songs. He has 125 so far! He is amazing. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was amazing to see how much the Spirit guided the lesson.
The Lord really does have a plan for each of us here. For Enrique, for me and for you. He knows us and He knows what is best. We just need to trust in Him always.

Oh by the way.... Elder Cory in my district is from Spokane! woohoo. Go Spokane. Everyone here thinks I am from Washington DC. It rains everyday at 3 pm... a lot. I love it though.

That is about my week. Continue to learn always and study the scriptures every day! the Lord has given them to us for a reason. Always seek for His Guidance in all things His comfort as well. there is nothing else like it. 

I love you all!

Hermana Webster

Yes.. The volcanoe is smoking...

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