Saturday, September 21, 2013

August 12th - Beautiful San Felipe

Hola familia:)
This week has been full of rain, joy, laughter, miracles and lots of food. I have never seen rain like this in my life. It is seriously incredible. Also, they have tons of mini earthquakes here and I got a taste of my first one at 12 am. I was so tired. I had no idea what was going on so I just went back to sleep. hahah. 
The food here is incredible. I LOVE TORTILLAS HERE. They are amazing. I want to learn how to make them and I tried once... failed... Eventually I will.. I hope :)
This week we went and taught a family in the ward and their cousin happened to be there too. We found out that she had actually met with the missionaries before and wants to be baptized but her mom won’t let her :( We started teaching her again though. There is something special about Jennifer. I feel like I am here to help her. I feel like every time we teach her, I know exactly what to say even though my Spanish is far from perfect, she listens. We talked about The Book of Mormon with her and how it is so much more than just a book. I shared with her my favorite. 2 Nephi 4 20-24. The words that came out of my mouth after that were not my own. I basically said “This book is not just a book. It is the word of God. It is a comfort. It is a support and it was written specially for us today. Any problem you may have you can open this book and you will find an answer or solution to it. I promise you that as a a representative of Jesus Christ". It was silent and I couldn’t{t even believe the words that had left my mouth. It reaffirmed my testimony that  The Book of Mormon is true- there is no denying it.
People who make me smile: Benjamin owns a store here in San Felipe and when I first met him he asked me if he can go back to the states. I told him that I have 16 more months here and he said oh... I can wait. hahah. Every time he sees me, he pops his head out of the shop and yells "Good Morning" or something else in English.
Hna. Argentina. The most stylish and in shape old woman I have met here. She is absolutely adorable. It was pouring outside and she let us into her shop and gave us towels and mangoestans, a type of fruit here (?).Turns out she had been taught by the missionaries before but she left for the states for 8 years without telling them. Oh the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Carlos- He is incredible. He is so smart and he listens so intently when we teach. He is so ready for the Gospel but he doesn’t{t think so. he told us that he doesn’t want to change religions but I feel like there is more I can do. He told his mom that he had been really sad and then we started visiting him and we prayed for him and it made all the difference. His family and him refer to us as angels but don’t want to listen... at least for now :)
Hno. Manases- He teaches with us and he is so awesome. He turns in his mission papers this coming week and I am so excited for him. A lot of the time, I feel like he is the missionary. he teaches me so much and his testimony is rock solid. The members here are seriously incredible.
MILAGRO: La familia Joj. I love this family. 3 cute little kids. One has down syndrome and she is so adorable. I feel like so many experiences that I have had with Special Olympics and such have helped prepare me to help this family. They have a desire to change. they just have to put some things behind them. They haven{t really made progress but this Sunday we went to go pick them up for church and they were all dressed up. My heart was so full of joy in that moment. they looked so good and so happy together. I am so excited to  teach them tonight :) People really can change through faith and repentance in Jesus Christ.
I love you all so much and I love this Gospel. I know that the Lord is with us always and He will never leave us alone. Like my favorite scripture, 2 Nephi 4:16-35 and hymn, I Need Thee Every Hour say, My God hath been my support.
Remember an Hermana in Reu loves you :)
Hermana Webster

Beautiful San Felipe !

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