Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 9th This Gospel really can change lives and it blesses lives.

Earthquakes, car accidents and parasites! Oh my!
So you don't worry... the car accident was just in front of me. Hakuna matata.
So last Friday there was a 6.5 quake here in Guatemala!!!! It was actually pretty cool and not a lot of damage was done. Thankfully. There are a lot of aftershocks though. aka at 2 am every night. That part is fun. waking up and seeing the ceiling shaking. haha. But really. I do enjoy it for some odd reason.

This week I have really been blessed! Hermano Darvin is on track to be baptized and we are birthday twins!!! He is so willing to make the necessary changes in his life and to follow the Lord. I love teaching him because he is so understanding of my Spanish and he is so aware of the Spirit and what he should do. he taught the lesson in Gospel Principles yesterday. INCREDIBLE. It was on the family and how families can be eternal. We haven’t even taught him about the Plan of Salvation yet and he basically taught himself. It was such a powerful experience to see someone you are teaching, teach others. he kept saying I didn’t know this before but I know that this is true. I am so excited for this Saturday!!!!!!!! aka his baptism!!!!

So we were contacting on Wednesday and we passed this door that was slightly open. We kept walking and then I just felt something stop me. Go back! So we went back and we found the most adorable family in the world. La familia Max Lopez! They are so incredible. When we asked them if we could end with a prayer, both of them automatically started to kneel. It was so neat!! We were teaching Hna. Iris about the Restoration and the Spirit was definitely there. She told us that she was going to change her plans so she could go to all 3 hours of church... and she did! INCREDIBLE. Her children loved it too. Hammington ( her little boy) kept saying when can I go back?? This Gospel really can change lives and it blesses lives. I know that if this family continues to listen and pray to know the message we share is true, that they will know for themselves that it is the truth. It is of God and this Church is the Church of Jesus Christ!

My little angels!!! Little girls here love me and I love them. they brighten my day.
Hermanita Addy - Her aunt does my comps laundry and she just came in and sat down next time and asked me all about my family and I showed her pictures. then she told me about how her grandma passed away but she knows she is okay because she is in heaven., Then she pointed to my picture of Christ and said He takes care of me. SO PRECIOUS: Then we were in Mulua helping some other missionaries in our zone and I hear HERMANA WEBSTER!!! Little addy came running out of her house and jumped on me. So adorable. I love her. She is the little girl in the picture with me this week.
Hermanita Rosario- Pictures from last week. She runs and jumps on me every time I walk by too. She is adorable.
Hermanita Maria - the other picture of the little girl. She confuses me with another Hermana that was here over a year ago but finally got my name right this week. When I left their house, ,she yelled my name for about 2 minutes for me to come back! 
hermanita Carlita- She is in my ward and she always comes and talks to me. I never really understand her but she still tries. Which means a lot to me. She always is asking me how to say things in English and asked me to translate one of her story books for her. :)

Another angel this week... Hermana Woods. She entered the mission with me and she is incredible. She just let me know that I am not alone. The mission tests you and it is hard but she just really stressed to me the importance of prayer and it has been so helpful.

Lastly... I LOVE NEPHI. He is soooooooooo amazing and I want to marry someone just like him!!
Things I have  learned from him: pray, believe, obey and love.
2 Nephi 33: 3,4,7,15

Anyways! I love you alll!! xoxoxo

Hermana Webster
Adorable Little Addy and Kira

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