Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 16th Gooooooooooooaaaaaalllllll World Cup Mania and Missionary Work


You guessed it!! Mundial aka world cup and Guatemala has gone crazy!!!!!!
The Guatemalan people love them some soccer....

So we found a super awesome family who came to church.-.... by themselves like 2 weeks ago but we could not find them anywhere. Turns out... they are getting a divorce. My heart literally broke when Hermana Yesica told us. She feels like God has abandoned her. The Spirit guided me to know what to say to her. I have always known as missionaries we represent Christ but I never really realized until that moment we are His hands. We were not planning on going to her house but so many small events happened that led us there. I was able to testify to her that Christ knows her and sent us there as His hands. He knows each and every one of us. He sends us angels. I testify of that.

Hna. Dicelly!!! She has so many questions about the Book of Mormon and about life after death. We were able to help her find so many answers. For years she has prayed to know what church is true and I know if she reads the Book of Mormon and sincerely prays... she will!!! find an answer.

The elders for my year mark bought me this creepy rabbit thing... I don’t know what to think of it. They almost bought cake... I would have preferred that... oh well... ha-ha

Weird food experience.... I ate menudo... it is like chicken guts or something like that. Well the truth.... I only took a bite.... the cat ate the rest :) Oh and I found a caterpillar in this soup of herbs.... I still had to finish it.... I didn’t feel very well after that.

I am so grateful to be here and serving the people in Guatemala. I may not be the best teacher or the greatest missionary but I am constantly striving to do my best. i know that is all the Lord ever asks of us. Our very best and He will make up for the rest. I am so grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who knows me and His children. We are so blessed!!!

I love you all!!!
Hna. Kira Webster

P.s. I am going to finish the Book of Mormon this week.... in Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creepy  1 Yr Mark Bunny !  hehehe

"Bear Hugs"

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