Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 23rd,2014 Rainbows After Rain

I have never been so rejected in my life. But as they say after the storm comes the rainbow right??

Carolina finally came to church!! Weeks after stopping by her house and her saying no she finally did it!! The funny thing is we passed by the day before and she said she wasn’t going to go. On Sunday morning, I was just like let’s go see if Carolina is there. My comp didn’t look too happy but we did it anyways. She was in her skirt waiting for us. The Lord knows His children. It was so amazing. She was super tired during church though because she stayed up all night cleaning her house so she could go to church. I love her so much and I know that her progress is going to be a slow and long one but she knows this Church is true!! She was like they don’t yell there or anything like that. We have been looking for a church like that!!! 

We had a Father’s Day activity and it was so much fun and we had a ton of less actives there!! One of them is a family and they came to church on Sunday too! We stopped by their house on Sunday and they said they felt so much peace and so happy to be able to go to church again!! This Gospel is true!!!
We also had a clothing activity like we did in Young Women’s! These people went crazy!! They were so excited for new clothes!! I attached a picture. I love service!! It is the best!! 

Gabriel is a less active who hasn’t gone to church for so long. He has some addictions but wants to change. We had an appointment with him and he was all ready when we came. he had the chairs set up, read the chapter we left him and he is praying! I know he truly has this desire to change. and I am so proud of him for starting on his own. This Gospel really does change people if they truly live it and follow the principles.

I have been studying prayer a lot. We Must meditate before we pray. My prayers were so repetitive and  I was just talking but as I ponder what I did in the day, it becomes a conversation with the Lord. It has helped me so much!!! Read Pres. Airings The Priesthood Man talk to study it some more!!!
Victor passed the sacrament!! He is so pilas. He has such a desire to come unto Christ.

Well they are going to close my area.... my heart is broken. I love these people so much and I just hope and pray they will stay in this path of eternal life and happiness.

Oh... I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!!! IT IS TRUE. Read it.
I love you all!!! xoxoxo

Hna. Kira Webster


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