Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 2nd - Ask yourself... What do I want to be like in 10 years?

Hola  Familia!!!!

It has been the weirdest week. I am not even kidding. I am not longer in a trio. Hna. Pineda had emergency changes this morning, The elders tried calling us at 1110 last night but we didn’t hear the phone so she started packing at 630 in the morning. It was a little crazy.

We met an amazing woman this week, Carolina. I seriously love her so much! I was just eating some chips and I felt like I needed to give this lady walking by some chips so i did. She gave me this huge hug and we went to her house afterwards!! It was amazing. We have been visiting me pretty often and she has such a huge desire to go to church and so does her kids. They are seriously always smiling. They live SUCH a hard life. I cannot believe some of the things they have been through. They find so much joy though in the message we teach. I know every single person who truly listens with sincerity can feel this same joy as well. Even though they were not able to go to church this week, I know that they will be able to come next week!!
 I am so excited!!!

Victor... is just the coolest person I know. We gave him scriptures this week and he was like my treasure!!!!!! He came to church by himself too because our ward mission leader came to his house super late so he just left so he could come to church on time!!! This kid is so pilas. I love teaching him!!!

As I was teaching Victor, Chicago and queen came on. SO HARD TO FOCUS. It didn’t help it was Your My Inspiration…. I thought I was going to die.

Just ask yourself this question... What do I want to be like in 10 years?? Now what do I need to change now so I can be that person in 10 years?? My zone leader asked us that and really got me thinking.

Then he put a list of attributes of Christ and said would Jesus Christ say the same things about you?? It was a wakeup call for me but then I realized the lord and our Heavenly father see us as we can become not as we are. we just need to see ourselves as they see us.

I love you all so much!!!!!
Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!!!!
Hna. Webster

Note From Kiras Mom, the pictures would not download this week.

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