Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 30th, 2014 Adios... Concepion "Conce" and Hola Mazatenango

Welcome to America in Guatemala.... aka Mazatenango... the land of deer. But seriously. It has taco bell.... taco bell!!! and Little Caesar’s. It is crazy. It is kind of fitting for the 4th of July this week!!!

Leaving Çonce was so hard for me and Hna. Briceño. We truly love these people so much!!!!!! Victor was just like what!!! then I gave him a corte tie and he was freaking out. I couldn’t help but cry. then as we left his house a drunk man chased me down,  it  was terrifying but i am okay. no worries. the worst part was saying goodbye to Carolina. She just bawled and her son Benji just shoved his face in my shirt and started crying. I know they have truly felt the Gospel changing their lives. Slowly but surely. I know the Lord put me here in Conce to have more faith and truly learn to depend on the Lord.

  Alma 32. 40 -41 has been my scripture for this area.
 40 And thus, if ye will not nourish the word, looking forward with an eye of faith to the fruit thereof, ye can never pluck of the fruit ofthe tree of life.
 41 But if ye will nourish the word, yea, nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

I didn’t have the faith to work miracles when I started here.I just kept looking back and couldn’t see forward but I have learned to trust in the Lord. Have the faith that he will put the people I am supposed to meet in my path. this place truly is sacred for me. I love these people sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and it has hurt so much to go but I am ready to work hard here in Mazate.

Çhanges!! I arrived in a coca cola truck... long story but it was hilarious. I am going to miss Hna. Briceño. my new comp is Hna. Aguilar from Peru!! She is soooooooooooooooooooo humble and adorable. She reminds me a lot of Meridian!!! I know we are going to learn a lot together!! I am in La Union and this place is a miracle ground. I can feel it!!! the people and members are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loving and really just want to serve and love everyone. Not even kidding. One family gives us dinner every Sunday and they don’t have that much but they do it with a smile and soooooooooooooo much love. I already feel so much love for the people here!! I think it will be my last area... weird.

So we met this family on Saturday and they said they would come to church!!! woohoo!! we had like 6 other people who said they would go to but everyone got sick!! we showed up to church with no one. I felt terrible and i was so worried about it. then I remembered... this day is not about you. It is about christ. So I started to read some hymns and really focused on the sacrament. When it ended, i looked up and this beautiful family walked in!!! they came but themselves. the Lord is so good!!! I love being a missionary. never lose faith or hope or patience!!!!

I am so happy to be here.I know the Lord has a lot for me to do here!! I loveyou all!!!!
Hna. Webster

Going in style... CocaCola truck

Love My Sis. Ison

Elder Grant and Sis. Webster

New Companion

Hna Webster and Hna Moore  MTC Comps

Flour Face

Tortilla Traditions

Everybody loves " McD"

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